Saturday, May 7, 2011

Then And Now: "Really Elegant": The Hunting Lodge at Ban Me Thuot, 2007.

On 21 October 1965, Clark wrote in his diary, "On the way [to Qui Nhon] today we stopped at Ban Me Thout [sic] and visited with the Advisory Team there.  They have a delightful place, a hunting lodge built by Emperor Bao Dai in 1951.  Really elegant.  I left my camera in the plane, so reckon I'll have to plan a return trip there some day to get pix."  

Pictured above is the hunting lodge at Ban Me Thuot, taken in 2007.  It was then a museum.


  1. Hi, the original hunting lodge (or, at least, the lodge as it was in about 1970) burned to the ground. There are some contemporaneous photos of it as it was then on the web.

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