Sunday, May 1, 2011

Diary Entry 74: Saigon, Monday Night, 4 October 1965

                                                                                         Monday Night, 4 October 1965

Tonight I just feel real good!  Took a half-day off from the grind yesterday and went shopping in downtown Saigon.  It was a real tonic for me to get away from ringing telephones and problems.  My troops were good about handling all the business, and they didn’t call me one time even.  The relaxation was good for me and I felt rested and relaxed all day today. 

Spent nearly all day at the port of Saigon observing stevedores unloading cargo.  That’s probably another reason why I feel good tonight---got out of the office most of the day!  The sunshine felt so good. 

Better stop now.  Tomorrow morning I must brief Major General [William W.] Lapsley, CG of the US Army Mobility Command from Detroit and on Wednesday must brief Lieutenant General [Louis J.] Lincoln, Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, Department of the Army, from Washington (my new boss if the orders hold to go to Washington).  Needless to say, I want to do a good job, so I’ve got to rehearse just like teaching a class at Leavenworth.

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