Saturday, May 7, 2011

Diary Entry 79: Qui Nhon, Thursday Night, 21 October 1965

                                               Qui Nhon
                                                                                               Thursday Night, 21 October 1965

This will be a brief entry tonight as I am out in the boondocks for a few days and the conditions are different from those in Saigon.  There are no electric lights, am writing by the light of a candle, there is no air conditioner in this room, and am a little bit tired out from the exercise today.  The fresh air smells so good over the stale exhaust smoke of Saigon.
On the way here today we stopped at Ban Me Thout and visited with the Advisory Team there.  They have a delightful place, a hunting lodge built by Emporer Bao Dai in 1951.  Really elegant.  I left my camera in the plane, so reckon I’ll have to plan a return trip there some day to get pix.  Arrived here about 1 p.m. and got settled then went to work.  Watched the ROK [Republic of Korea] Division begin to come ashore, checked the beach as directed by General Crowley, inspected port facilities, and in general made myself a nuisance to all, I expect.

Tomorrow will go to Tuy Hoa in the morning and return here in the afternoon.  Saturday go to Nha Trang and Cam Ranh Bay and on Sunday plan to be back in Saigon.

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