Saturday, May 28, 2011

Diary Entry 96: Saigon, Wednesday Night, 1 December 1965

                                                         Wednesday Night, 1 December 1965

Well, Happy Birthday to old me! I got surprised and had a real birthday party after all. I got a call right after I came in from work to report to General Crowley’s quarters immediately on an urgent matter. When I got there, he had set up a small party (10 people) to help me celebrate being 38 and "my troops" were all there to help me celebrate also. They thought it up and talked Gen. C into the idea. So perhaps going without sleep for 72 hours to get papers and briefings ready for Mr. McNamara so that my boss looked good was worth it. At least he said that he appreciated it.

We had cocktails, a seven-course dinner, and small cup cakes for dessert with a lighted candle stuck in the top of each. I understand by the grapevine that my troops footed the bill, so reckon I’ll have to pay them back by giving a party for them. Hey! I even got a ride home in the general’s car!

My mouth is getting well. Had the stitches taken out today (a bit overdue) but the dentist said the gum was healing very well. Ate everything on the right side of my mouth tonight!
Cold is not over and still have a cough. So I’ll go get a chest X-ray sometime this week. TB is very bad here and it pays to be cautious. Don’t think I have it, but you can’t be too careful over here.

Today the VC tossed a grenade into a car carrying a colonel near our headquarters. He jumped out before it went off. Everybody has been put on the alert to be careful.

Say! Just occurred to me that along with my birthday I also celebrated passing 6 months over here. From now on I have less time to stay than I’ve been here. Getting shorter each day!

Gen. C hinted about a different assignment for me coming up soon. Sure would appreciate it as this one has just about worn me out. He didn’t get specific and I didn’t ask. Patience is a good virtue. Will just wait until he makes the next move. But would sure like a different job which is less demanding.

Better go to sleep. In spite of the fact that a party was given for me tonight by my boss, he still expects me to be at the desk at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow taking care of the problems.

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