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Diary Entry 93: Saigon, Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, 25 November 1965

                                                     Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, 25 November 1965

I should be back at the hotel in bed and indeed had planned to stay in bed all day.  But at 7 a.m. they shut off the power and I just couldn't stand the heat and discomfort, so I got up and dressed and came to the office.  Am still having trouble with my jaw.  It remains swollen up about as big as a golf ball and it appears that there is still an infection in the bone or gum which will take a little time to cure.  I have several bottles of antibiotic pills and pain killer to take, but so far have only had to take the antibiotics.  There hasn't been too much pain, just a lot of discomfort.  I sure hope this is the last trouble with the teeth.

I heard from one of Grady's subordinates that Grady is coming back here.  He said he got a letter from Grady that the trouble was not serious, was under control, and that he was expected back in Vietnam in the next ten days or so.

Last night Lieutenant Commander O'Neil came by and brought me some soup to eat so that I didn't have to get up and go out.  I probably wouldn't have done so anyhow.  Later Lieutenant Colonel Adamo came by and spent a few minutes talking, but soon left.  Was kinda glad as I felt tired.

We have [Brigadier] General [Clarence J.] Lang (TC) visiting here from the Strike Command at MacDill AFB.  The [MACV J-4 Transportation] Division had a party for him last night at the Hong Kong [BOQ] but naturally I didn't go.  Understand that it was real nice.

Brigadier General Clarence J. Lang, U.S. Army Transportation Corps, Director of Logistics, U.S. Strike Command, 1965-1966.  (Photo courtesy U.S. Army)

It is a real pretty day here today.  The sun is shining very brightly and the sky is a real pale blue without a cloud in sight.  If I felt better, I'd probably go for a walk.  They have a big zoo here in Saigon and I've never seen it.

Today I understand that the Hong Kong dining room is having a big Thanksgiving Day spread.  It is unfortunate that my mouth is in such a shape at this particular time.  If I could chew, I think a real fine Thanksgiving meal would be enjoyable.  But will take a rain check on it and get a good Thanksgiving Day dinner next year.

People are beginning to come in the office or call me on the telephone and ask questions and otherwise bother me when I don't feel up to it.  So I will stop now and go back to the hotel and try to lie down for a while.  Perhaps if I take one of the sleep pills I won't notice the heat.

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