Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Diary Entry 75: Saigon, Sunday Noon, 10 October 1965

                                                                                            Sunday Noon, 10 October 1965

I am at work but not really doing anything worthwhile, so I decided to quit piddling around with statistics and write.  The old stomach bug finally caught up with me as everybody said it would sooner or later.  Friday about noon I started getting some stomach cramps and a little loose and finally went to the dispensary.  The doctor gave me some pills to make me sleep and some white, chalky type of liquid to ease and tighten up my stomach and sent me home to bed.  Felt pretty bad Friday night and most of Saturday, but finally got to where I could keep something in me by Saturday night.  Today I still feel a little woozy and weak, but better because I’m up again.  Don’t know what or how I got the bug, but the best guess is that the tuna fish I ate for supper Thursday night was probably tainted.

Came to work today to try to get caught up on what happened over Friday and Saturday. Found everything was kept under control by my troops and most of them are here today working to keep up with things.  If I really get down to it, they really don’t need me here because my officers do a fine job whether I’m around or not.  I will probably hang around for some time longer, and then go on back to the hotel and lie down a while.

They (my troops) didn’t let me work too long or too hard this morning anyway.  After I’d been in the office for a couple of hours, one of them suggested that we all take off and go down to the Hong Kong BOQ for brunch.  It tasted real good and made me feel a little better. Had big glass of orange juice, fresh milk, fruit, pancakes, and coffee.  Sure hope there weren’t any additional stomach bugs in that food!

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