Monday, May 23, 2011

Diary Entry 90: Saigon, Tuesday Night, 16 November 1965

                                                                    Tuesday Night, 16 November 1965

Had to send one of my officers up to Plei Me again today.  The 1st Air Cav is in a helluva firefight up there.  Maybe I won't have to go again until all of my troops are rotated up there or unless some big wheel insists that I go.  It's nice to get out of Saigon every now and then to get away from the pressures of work, because you really are under intense pressure all day long.  Taking a trip is a way to get out of the office and forget about it for a while.

As yet I am not fully over my cold as the cough persists and the nose is a little runny, but I am not sick with it.  Had a little bit of recurrence of stomach trouble but also had some of my medicine left and a dose of it pulled it back under control real fast.

This was a long work day.  Finished up pretty late so came straight home and fixed supper in the room:  peanut butter and jelly on soda crackers, cheese spread, and Vienna sausages.  Pretty tasty!  Well, at least it was filling and nourishing. 

Clark planned to read this issue of Time Magazine, dated 12 November 1965.  The cover subject is John Lindsay, the recently elected Republican mayor of New York City.  (Image courtesy Time Magazine)

At lunch today I bought a Time magazine which I thought would be good to read tonight so as to catch up on what is happening in the world, but if I start to read now, I'd be up so late that tomorrow would come around the corner too fast.  Will save it to read some other night when there is more time.

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