Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Diary Entry 92: Saigon, Wednesday, 24 November 1965

                                                                   Wednesday, 24 November 1965

Well, I'm still on quarters for a few days yet.  The swelling and infection in the jaw is still present, so they are now trying to get rid of it with antibiotic pills.  If that doesn't work, I reckon they will go back in again and do some more cutting to get rid of the infection once and for all.  I sure hate it if they have to.  But whatever must be done will be done.  The swelling is pretty good-sized---about like a golf ball.

Am tired of laying around the room, but don't want to go out either.  Just a case of being miserable.  Am mostly drinking fruit juices for my meals as the mouth is too sore to chew on anything.  I have a good supply of juices and canned milk so will do all right in this regard.

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