Monday, May 23, 2011

Diary Entry 91: Saigon, Tuesday, 23 November 1965

                                                                           Tuesday, 23 November 1965

Finally got sick again so I could get some time off to write.  Had 2 molars pulled from lower left side and part of the jawbone cut out.  It all started Saturday [20 November] with one of those big swellings to indicate an abscess so by Sunday I was ready for anything which would relieve the pain.  The doctor put me on quarters with codeine pills to take every 8 hours.  Am feeling pretty good now and expect to go back to work tomorrow.  This afternoon I have an appointment to check on the stitches in the gum.  Sure hope I don't have any more dental trouble.  At this rate, I won't have too many teeth left when I get back home!

I won't be going to Thailand for Xmas.  Probably will stay right here in Saigon, although Lieutenant Colonel Keith at Da Nang and [Lieutenant Colonel] Ralph Detherow at Qui Nhon have invited me there.  We are airlifting 200,000 toys for orphans at those places from Hong Kong.  The people (US troops) donated the money and I am arranging the airplanes to fly them in.

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