Saturday, April 9, 2011

Diary Entry 61: Saigon, Sunday Night, 19 September 1965

                                                                                 Sunday Night, 19 September 1965

General Crowley kept me tied up all morning in a conference and wouldn’t let me go to Qui Nhon to check on our downed bird.  Then [Lieutenant Commander] Dick O’Neil turned up as one of the six who were rescued without injury, and tomorrow [Major] Bud Metheny is going to ride the railroad because Colonel Plate wants me handy for some more meetings.  

Feel real good today!  Received some real fine reports on one of my officers at Qui Nhon---a Major [Charles] Holbrook.  The 2d Battalion, 101st Airborne Brigade got in trouble near An Khe and we had to get a lot of stuff up to help them out.  Major Holbrook went into An Khe beginning with the first C-123 and he then saw to it that things were properly moved in by taking a chopper right into the firefight area and saw to it that things were moved in the way it was needed.  I’m real proud of him and am recommending him for the Silver Star for gallantry in action.  As you can gather, I’m very proud of my little outfit!  When things move, we go along and see to it!

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