Sunday, April 24, 2011

Diary Entry 70: Saigon, Tuesday Night, 28 September 1965

                                                                                           Tuesday Night, 28 September 1965

Just didn’t feel like writing any more last night, so I just quit and tried to read a magazine.  That didn’t last too long as I dropped off to sleep with my clothes on, the lights blazing and the radio blaring.  Old tired just caught up with me!

Hadn’t seen [Major] Grady [Cole] in some time, so went over to his office this morning.  Our power was off and we couldn’t make any coffee, but his power was on and they had coffee.  Had a pleasant hour of talking with him.  And it gave me a good chance to get away from the ringing of phones and all the panic that seems to pervade my office all the time. 

Am still staying in Saigon.  It is hard for me to do, as we have lots of movements going on and I’d like very much to go to Vung Tau tomorrow and the next day.  Vung Tau is a beautiful beach area, the air is so fresh and clean, and it is quiet compared to my office in Saigon.  However, I am now an executive, so Captain [Robert] Dendtler and Major [Charles] Holbrook will take care of this one.  The real reason I like to go is to get away from work.  Reckon I’m getting tired.  The other day I was down at the port and paid a call on a ship leaving cargo for us.  It’s home port is Mobile and I just wished I could have stowed away on it!

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