Saturday, March 26, 2011

Diary Entry 52: Saigon, Wednesday Night, 1 September 1965

                                                                                                 Wednesday Night, 1 September 1965

Although I am up late (it is 11 p.m.) tonight, can’t blame it on work this time. After having some supper at the Hong Kong BOQ, decided I’d go visiting for a while.  So came back here and changed clothes and went over to Grady [Cole]’s place just down the street [the Vinh Loi BOQ].  He was cooking his supper when I got there, as usual some sort of Mexican food, enchiladas I believe.  So had an extra helping of supper and some pleasant conversation until just a few minutes ago.  Had to be back here by 11 because there is a curfew in effect at that time. Seems like it has been a long time since I took a break and just sat down and talked with somebody about something besides business.  The new [promotion] list for lieutenant colonel is out and Grady’s # is 267, so he should be promoted in October or November.  I hope to move down to the Vinh Loi Hotel where he lives in the next 10 days.  It really is not any nicer than this place, but at least I get a room all to myself.

The Vinh Loi Bachelor Officers' Quarters, 129-131 Ham Nghi Boulevard, Saigon, South Vietnam  (Photo courtesy Richard P. Clark, Jr., collection).

Today I spent most of my time going to various headquarters at Tan Son Nhut and in Saigon coordinating papers.  Will sure be glad when we get a new headquarters building where everybody is reasonably close.  Will save time in coordinating, having meetings, etc., as we spend too much time traveling back and forth.

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