Thursday, March 24, 2011

Diary Entry 50: Saigon, Monday Night, 30 August 1965

                                                                          Monday Night, 30 August 1965

Still have daily flaps so I guess that is just a fact of life to live with until things settle down to normal. They can’t keep on going like this indefinitely, and I see some healthy indications of change in the right direction. 

Saturday was a bad day at Black Rock.  Seems like I hustled around to all sorts of meetings, or briefings, or conferences most of the day.  Then Saturday night lightning struck about like it did Friday on that report I wrote about in the last entry [Joint Chiefs of Staff report on port status].  This time on a separate matter, we went all the way up the chain of command to General Westmoreland himself to get the decision made.  It is no fun to be grilled up the chain of command by a bunch of stars.  Kinda high pressure.  We didn’t get through with that flap until about 9 p.m., completely exhausted in the end.  But everything turned out all right. 

Sunday was at work early doing some paperwork and drafting up some messages.  Spent time in the afternoon briefing General Crowley and his deputies on problems until about 4.  Left and went to BOQ to shower and change clothes and went out to dinner with Mr. T.C. Franklin of USOM at his apartment along with the president and vice-president of a barge company from Seattle [Alaska Barge & Transport].  They are over here to try to get some of the barge business being conducted.  Found them to be very nice people.

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