Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Diary Entry 30: Saigon, Monday Night, 19 July 1965

                                                                                                 Monday Night, 19 July 1965

Today I feel kinda blown up and want to brag.  This afternoon briefed one of Mr. McNamara’s “whiz kids”---one of the assistant secretaries of Defense---and came out a
winner.  [Clark probably briefed Paul R. Ignatius, who served as the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Installations and Logistics in July 1965.]  He had given all previous briefers a hard time because they did not have answers but I didn’t miss a one.  Later in the day, he came down to our office and said to me, “Well, I see that transportation at least is in good hands.”  I felt real good.  It was like teaching a class at Leavenworth where you had all the questions pegged beforehand and all the answers on tap.  As I recall, there was one Assistant Secretary of Defense, one deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, 2 major generals, 3 brigadiers, and a bunch of colonels present.  I tried to give a real polished and professional performance. 

Paul R. Ignatius, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Installations and Logistics, 1965-1967.

My last trip was to An Khe, Pleiku, and Qui Nhon.  The purpose of the trip was to set up a giant airlift to supply a force to open the road between Pleiku and Qui Nhon.  The road has been closed by the VC for a long time.  We were successful in getting stuff in and the road was opened today without bloodshed. 

About time I started thinking about my next assignment and get a letter off to Washington. Am planning to request places close to Montgomery as there will be NO opportunity to get TC command next year.  But have been advised that some plush assignments can be had by inter-theater transfer---such as:  Honolulu, Hawaii; Japan; Germany; Bermuda; and South America.  

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