Sunday, January 16, 2011

Diary Entry 4: En Route, Thursday, 10 June 1965

                                    En Route

            We have just departed Anderson AFB at Guam, Marshall Islands.  Next stop is Clark AFB in Manila, Philippine Islands.  Then on to Saigon.
            On this leg of the trip we will cross the International Date Line, and it will suddenly be Thursday while it is Wednesday in the States.  Takes about 3 hours to fly from Guam to Manila.
Guam was flat and muggy while we were there for about an hour.  Expect it to be about the same at the next 2 stops.

                                  En Route, Thursday, 10 June 1965

            Next stop Saigon.  There sure wasn’t anything at Clark AFB to write home about.  Dreary, hot, muggy, and not even a coffee shop.  We have passed the International Date Line, so here it is Thursday now, Wednesday in Montgomery.  Due into Saigon in exactly one hour.

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